2018 Elections – Tha $H1TShow

So I’m sitting here thinking about the possibilities on election eve as I see them. I can see a major likelihood that no matter which side wins it’s going to get more sporty no matter what. I don’t have any predictions before the election. The only prediction I will make is that there isn’t going to be any ‘Blue Wave!tm’. This election is going to be a squeaker either way, most likely. Both sides are fired up.  In the red corner, is team MAGA, they are definitely fired up. They realize the stakes. The Dems antics with the Kavanaugh confirmation really backfired big time, I think. The caravan is backfiring. The crowds at the Trump rallies are YUGE! So I do not discount the outside chance of a red wave. And the stakes are huge as well. The Dems win, you’ve got a strong possibility of the economy having problems. Endless investigation and ultimately impeachment are on the table. In the blue corner you have team Commie aka the destroyers. (really THEY should be red, you hear us referring to the REDS on the blogs we’re talking Bolsheviks). As I outlined above, we all know what they want to do if they win. They have certainly dumped a metric $hit ton of cash on this election. They’ve been screaming about their blue wave since Trump got elected. It’s hard for me to say if the energy is genuine or not. On social media they are always screaming about everything. The censorship that goes on certainly makes it SEEM like they are fired up, but this along with MSM coverage is basically a psyop, Astro turfing to demoralize the opposition. They sure don’t seem to be turning out for any kind of rallies in numbers like the Trump rallies. If 2016 taught us anything, certainly the polls are not to be trusted. The worthless NeverTrump RINO type of Commies are a dangerous factor on the Marxist side. Will they turn out in numbers to swing this election? When it comes to SJW Commie vermin there are a hell of a lot of them, and another lesson they have shown time and again that they will perpetrate any dirty trick to win. If they lose, they’re dangerous. They are already called for incivility, they will undoubtedly find some excuse to call the election illegitimate in the event of a loss. If they lose, prepare for the biggest RHEEE in history since 2016. So what horse do I have in this race? As a #Collapsitarian #Abolitionist AnCap type thinking dude, I probably don’t, or shouldn’t. Ultimately the banksters still run the $hitshow behind the curtain, the debt bubble still grows, at some point that house of cards will fall regardless of who controls D.C.  I did go ahead and vote, I voted straight R just to stick it to the Commies.


Author: Walter Sobchak

I'm a #Collapsitarian/prepper /survivalist living in the Midwest. #Anticom #DontTreadOnMe #BFYTW @eurotec007 on twitter

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